What We're All About And Why You Should Care

What the hell happened?…. Irrespective of the circumstances, legitimate news organizations should be able to objectively answer that question for the public.

What happened in current events? What happened to cause the latest natural disaster? What happened in the Middle East to spur the next conflict.

While we’re at it, what happened to trust in the news media?

At Devoid News, we recognize these questions need answers which are devoid of bias, partisanship and deception. We need to rebuild the trust that you, the reader, have in journalism.

Our goal is simple: we want to tell you exactly what the hell happened, in the most complete way possible. We will report facts, give perspective, and if we end up being wrong, we want you to know that as well.

We know that factual reality can be scary these days, but we have faith in your desire for reporting which is devoid of partiality.